About Us


soultress_companySoultresscorp. established in September 1999, has been a key role in providing high quality wigs and hair products to our exclusive clients all around the world. Our production consists of regular synthetic wigs, lace front wigs, human wigs, and hair pieces.

With the growth of our company, we are proud to say that the market has recognized us as one the elite companies nationwide.

In the past years there have been a lot of low quality hair products being sold throughout the market. For this reason, retail customers have had their shares of confusion, hardships and headaches because of standards not being met.

As for Soultress Corp. we have stood our ground firmly providing our clients with the best and highest quality products offered on the market, continuously gaining the trust and respect of our customers diligently.

With 14 years in the business Soultress Corp. has gained the experience and knowledge for all that it has achieved and continues to strife forward. Hence, we will continue our belief in our core values of integrity and commitment to provide the best product to our clients.

Our goal at Soultress Corp. is to grow with our customers in the years to come with the best intentions.

We promise to provide our highest quality line of products so that you may experience what Soultress is all about.

Thank you for the consideration,